Planning Ahead: Leverage Print Marketing for 2017

Connie Tam
By Connie Tam
on January 5, 2017 Blog- 5 Tips- Leverage Print Marketing for 2017.pngSo you have a plan for your 2017 marketing campaigns. To promote your print business in the year ahead, you know exactly which print materials to use - in fact, they even coordinate with your digital marketing efforts. Now that 2017 has arrived, let us make sure your plan is on the right track. 

From choosing the right print materials to gaining digital traffic, these 5 tips ensure your 2017 print marketing efforts turn into sales.1. Make sure the whole team is on board
Ensure that all of your employees are aware of your 2017 marketing plan. In fact, they should be very familiar with the aspects that fall within their job responsibilities. As the year progresses, however, it can be difficult to coordinate your marketing, creative and sales teams. Consider organizing monthly meetings to allow feedback and adjustments to your marketing plan.

2. Create the right materials
As a print reseller, you have an array of print marketing options available to you. Your resources give you the freedom to print materials that coordinate with your monthly promotions. For example, if you are offering a discount on booklet printing mid-year, print booklets in January. They can be product catalogues or informational booklets about your business; simply make sure your clients recieve copies of it. That way, when it is time for your booklet promotion, your clients will already know what your product looks and feels like. 

To enhance the more traditional postcards and flyers (which are effective and affordable tools in their own right), you may also consider printing materials that are less common. The upfront cost of printing promotional magnetscalendars and adhesive vinyl may be more costly, but they encourage your customers to print the same products with you.

3. Choose unique printing options
To build on tip #2, it is a good idea to explore your print options. As a reseller, you know your print products, finishes and stocks better than any client. Show off your knowledge by printing unique marketing materials that reflect your brand; it will influence your customers to print similar products.

From spot UV finishing to variable printing, the many features offered in postcard printing are sure to impress. For more affordable marketing materials that still stand out, options such as postcards with spot UV are very effective. For targeted marketing, variable printing is the tool for you. It allows you to print data to each postcard as coupon codes, sign up codes or other promotional offers. In fact, by tracking the codes that are used, you can measure the success of your print campaign.

  • 4. Lead customers from print to digital
    Leading your customers from your print advertisment to performing an action online is the key way to make sales in this digital age. As explained in our blog, Why Print is More Relevant than Ever, marketing is most successful when print and digital work together. Include calls-to-action (CTAs) on your print marketing that directs leads to your digital platforms. Your CTAs may direct customers to your website, or you may wish to drive engagement on social media.
  • 5. Track the success of your print campaigns 
    Above all, it is important to know how well your print marketing campaigns have performed. By tracking and analyzing what worked (and did not work), you will know how to improve your next campaign. We recommend including shortened URLs in your prints; the Google URL Shortener and Bitly provide analytics. For example, you can use a different URL for each print material or each distribution method. Assigning shortened URLs to each specific marketing tactic allows you to track its success. Of course, QR codes and variable printing are also some great methods tp help you track with print materials have converted into sales.

With these 5 tips in mind, we hope you were able to make some tweaks to your print marketing plan. We wish you a successful and print-tastic 2017!

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Connie Tam
Written by Connie Tam

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